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Bug ? + suggestion for encoder and sliders box (fixed)

Using a lot encoders and rsliders, I was wondering if it would be possible to change the size of the font of the valuetextbox or fixing the size of the box? When the encoder or the slider is getting small, the valuetextbox is displaying ... which is somehow a pity , as it loosing its added value.

Could this be implemented in a later version of cabbage ?

Also, in the properties editor of encoder, it is possible to click on “value box colour” and" value box outline". these pop up a color scale and add textboxcolour(149, 44, 44, 0) textboxoutlinecolour(17, 118, 27, 0) to the code. But it seems to have no effect.
Maybe this is a little bug.

It might take a bit of work as I’m currently using the JUCE Slider class which provides the actual text box. I would need to separate that textbox from the slider itself but I was also thinking about this in regads to Oeyvind’s problem.

I will sort those colour problems, that should be relatively easy to fix.

Found where the encoder outbound value bug lies !
Where keeping mouse button down and moving the mouse keeps the encoder withing the min and max range values of it … but using the mouse scroll button allow to go over max value or below min value. (it was so easy to see that I did not pay attention)
Sorry for that

Thanks. Fixed now in GIT. A new binary should arrive shortly.

I hadn’t really played with encoder before, and just took my first swing at it. It seems like the valuetextbox color issues are still there, or maybe they regressed back in?

Also, I was curious if there is a way to get a flat color appearance that would match rsliders? It feels very out of place when they’re next to each other.

Yeah they definitely need work. I imagine there are very few users actually using them…