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Building Cabbage on openSuse

Hi Rory!

I am very curious to try out version 2.4.0!

When I tried to build (openSuse 15.1), i first had to change some lines in the buildCabbage script, since Projucer path was hardcoded, and so it is easier for the users to change it, if needed:


ande later:

$PROJUCER --resave ../../CabbageIDE.jucer


But I am getting the following error:

../../Source/Widgets/CabbageWidgetData.cpp:824:48: error: use of deleted function ‘juce::var::var(const void*)’
         newColours.append (new Colour (0, 0, 0));

My Projucer version is v6.0.1 if that makes any difference.

Is there anything I can try to change locally in my source?


Hi Tarmo, welcome to the forum! Are you sure you’re using the latest git source? Line 824 of the current CababgeWidgetData.cpp (master) looks like this:

Also, you should use JUCE version 5.4.7. I haven’t yet updated to JUCE v6. Although it might work Ok, it’s not currently supported.

Oh, yes, that was it - I had two Cabbage source directories around, I probably pulled from one and then went to another to build.
Now it is all updated, the build finished and Cabbage is up and running!

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