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Button File audio formats

Is there any way to select different audio file extensions in populate(“filetype”)?
I need to be able to select audio files with WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG extentions.
With no file mask in populate I get all files in the current directory and that’s a lot of files I don’t need.

By the way, loading an MP3 in soundfiler "shows the waveform but gives a “Format not recognised” error when trying to play it.

Can you try the latest beta version. you should be able to pass multiple file extensions now. I added support for this a few months ago.

The soundfiler doesn’t play anything, it merely displays the contents of a waveform. What do you mean you get format not recognised when you try to play it?

Hi Rory,

I am using the latest version but the file button doc does not mention this. Anyway using several file masks works indeed. :+1:

And of course you are right not a soundfiler problem but rather diskin2:
Test.mp3: failed to open file (Format not recognised.)
Not sure what i’m doing wrong here since all other formats work. I used several mp3, same problem.


diskin doesn’t support mo3 files. Just use .ogg instead.