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Button outline colo[u]r?

I like the new flat look for buttons, the shadow from before was frequently in the way, especially with overly large buttons… That said, with the flat style, it seems like offering an outline color option could be very useful. I like many of my buttons to be a similar (if not same) color as the background behind them, which now leaves them indistinguishable from text labels etc.

Along those lines, for those of us who haven’t dissected the changes in git, can major user facing changes be mentioned more specifically along with releases? I saw a brief line about new options for slider widgets, but I don’t know what they are and I don’t see anything jumping out as new in the docs.

Sorry if this already exists somewhere and I just missed it!

These are fair points and I will try to make sure I keep a better track of updates like these. Button has an outlinethickness() and outlinecolour() identifiers, although it looks like I also need to update those docs…

[edit] seems that the docs have not been fully updated at all…I’ll get on that…

Awesome, I’ve been switching back and forth between versions a lot, so I honestly hadn’t taken the time to test in code… I just checked the docs to see if it was there, and dropped a line when I saw it wasn’t.

It could be an error on my part, but I think there’s a bug with the outline color:

button bounds(80,80,80,30), colour:0(255,255,255,155), colour:1(255,0,0,155), outlinecolour(0,255,0,255), outlinethickness(5)

results in a green button, when it should be grey. Commenting out the end of the line (with the outline colour and thickness) returns it to the expected colors.

button bounds(80,80,80,30), colour:0(255,255,255,155), colour:1(255,0,0,155);, outlinecolour(0,255,0,255), outlinethickness(5)

I think we can chaulk that down as a bug! Thanks for the report…

Adding here, since it’s a bug for the same thing in a different context…

It seems like button outlinecolour isn’t working on imported widget groups. I’ve even tried adding them without macros :wink:

Can you provide a simple example?

You know me, simple is hard… especially since I was just wrapping up for the day.

It’s not a full example, but I’m trying:
button bounds(0, 40, 40, 40), channel("test"), text("test"), latched(0), radiogroup(12), colour:0(80,80,80,255), colour:1(200,80,80,255), fontcolour:1(180,180,180,255), fontcolour:0(180,180,180,255), outlinecolour(100,60,60,255), outlinethickness(2)

That’s in an imported widget group that’s being imported with “native” dimensions (button appears as 40x40).

Confirmed. Now to find a fix…

Fixed. Once again you can grab the latest build from Azure DevOps, just make sure you get the one with the commit comment about fixing the import plant issues…

Confirmed fixed, thanks!

Digging up a dinosaur for what I think is related…

Can filebuttons get outline support to match other buttons? It isn’t mentioned in the docs, and it doesn’t appear to be working when I tried to make an outline only (basically transparent) filebutton.

Along those lines, popuptext() too? :innocent:

Sure. I’ll add it to the list.