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.cab file extension would be nice

Hello Rory,

Cabbage is great. Not a day goes by when I don’t discover something new and exciting and possible in here. THANKS to you and all the Cabbage contributors and developers.

I do have a request: It would be nice for you to assign/set a file extension, such as .cab, so that when one double-clicks on a .cab file, the (.csd) is opened in the cabbage app. For me, when I double-click on a cabbage .csd file, my Mac always launches CsoundQt (which I also love). A thought and hope.


Hi @Dr_Richard_Boulanger. I’m not Rory, unfortunately, but I was just passing by and I hope to help you.
This is the simplest and most comfortable way on Mac:

Right mouse button on any .csd file:
Request information -> Open with: and choose the application to open. You can apply it to this specific document or, to all .csd

I think @gerbo’s solution here is the best. I wouldn’t like to use a different file extension. I like people to see the .csd file and know they are dealing with Csound :slight_smile: