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Cabbage 2.6 is out!

After what seemed like an endless amount of energy and time, Cabbage 2.6 is finally out and available via the website and through github. Most of you are already using the latest version so it’s not important that you update, but all those coming to the project from afar will now be able to access a modern version without have to dig through Azure’s beta builds.

Apart from the many changes listed here, I’ve also updated the docs and I added more interesting examples for each of the widgets, along with a little video in each widget page showing them in action. I’d like to single out a special thanks to @Gerbo for his machine like attention to details with all things VST and AU. I’d also like to thank @Kzz, @hdale94 @chronopolis and @Rafa_AudioFB for their time and effort in testing things. Finally I’d like to thank all of you users who reported issues, presented suggestions, and contributed to the forum over the past year. Without you this project would be nothing. :clap:

Some of the highlights of this build are listed below.

  • Added new more efficient system for handling GUI updates messages from Csound
  • Added new Cabbage get/set opcodes to handle better communication between Csound and Cabbage instruments
  • Updated preset system to allow naming and removal of presets
  • Added support for custom fonts
  • Added new optionbutton widget
  • Added syntax highlighting for UDOs
  • Added Cabbage specific warnings in the Csound output console
  • Update multichannel system to support multichannel instruments, and provide native support for side-chaining
  • Made all identifiers camelCase and added menu command for quickly swap between lowercase and camel case.
  • Ditched the old XML based system of presets in favour of JSON and added further conversion commands to update from older XML based preset files
  • Added new identifiers to control positions of slider components in a Cabbage slider. Useful when dealing with filmstrips and image based sliders
  • Added new cabbageCreate opcode to allow dynamic creation of Cabbage widgets from a Csound orchestra.
  • Added new filebutton modes
  • Added extra parameters to populate identifier to give better control over where file browsers point to when opened
  • Added warnings for any widgets that share the same channel name as it causes potential problems in many hosts
  • Added new opcodes for saving internal state when working with plugins.
  • Added quick and simple way of resizing plugins
  • Updated all widgets examples and files in the misc examples folder
  • Added support for custom identifiers, they need to start with a _, i.e, _myText(“Hello”)
  • Added better support for VST3 plugins
  • Added support for FMOD effects
  • Updated VCV Rack module to use latest VCV Rack API
  • Updated docs

Awesome, congratulations on this release. Nice work on this amazing piece of software.

I’ve read on Github some conversations on LV2 plugin support; is that also available in this version? Or where could I find the most recent docs about this?

Hi Ben, welcome to the forum. There is a rather old branch from 2020 that added LV2 support, but it hasn’t seen much work done on it in the last while. It was working, and the last I recall I was able to run Cabbage plugins as LV2 in Ardour. The fact that JUCE doesn’t support LV2 is a bit frustrating because it means whatever patches that exist out there have to be constantly updated, which is very time consuming. Otherwise this would just build out of the box. On the other hand, I guess you can always run Linux VST and VST3. So all is not lost.

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Congratulations! :partying_face:

:clap::clap::clap::love_you_gesture: awesome work Rory

Great work and above all elegant. Thanks for everything! :wink: :+1:

Well done, Rory. Great that Cabbage is continuing to do so well. Looking forward to Cabbage 2.7!

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Hi Rory.

I teach Csound-Cabbage every Wednesday and Friday. And today We tried the 2.6 version.
One of my students noticed the warnings about identifiers. Now it is recommended to use camelCase for identifiers.
This situation was favorable for me to tell jokes about the camelCase, however I must point out that the command file-Convert … to … camelCase does not work with valuetextBox.
Nor is it necessary to start to count 7K years to prove that the “f0 z” works.

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You can’t mention camelCase jokes and not tell us the jokes :rofl:

Sorry about the pain of the move to camelCase :grimacing: I’ll sort out the valueTextBox issue. :+1:


:rofl Brilliant!