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Cabbage 2.7 is out!

I’ve pushed out a new release to coincide with the latest version of Csound which was released just this week. You can read more about the release here. Those of you who have been keeping up to date with the betas won’t notice anything new here. But for those still using 2.6, this does features some nice improvements/updates. Happy Cabbage :wink:


Get to learn my first line of Audio Code with Cabbage 2.7. If anyone can help with Csound basics & some material to learn from, groups.

You can find tons of examples here:

Also the Csound manual normally has a example for each opcode, and they are normally easy to understand:

I know the symbol have different meanings in different cultures, but is it really necessary to use a swastika as a profile picture in a international forum…

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Thank you for the above links. it’s automated via Github to show the Display Picture. Used on my firm’s logo can’t be possibly wrong in the eyes of Liberal democratic rights of an individual on International Forum. Still have changed the profile picture. Hope it suits the community liking. Thanking you dale for sharing these links, Even Csound book is an excellent read.