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Cabbage 2.9.0

I finally got around to putting out a new release, which is kind of moot because almost everyone here is already using the latest version anyway. But at least those new to the project will now be able to get the most up to date version from the web page, and not have to go to the azure betas page.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. The last ‘official’ release was in 2021 :grimacing: As you all know, there has been much work carried out since then along with the release of some great instruments. I look forward to seeing where we are by the time I get around to the next official release :rofl:


Awesome! This us great. Thanks for this and all your incredible and inspiring work. We start with Cabbage this week in Csound class. So happy for everyone to download the latest directly from you!

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A little testing on my M1 MacBook Pro.

I do realize that you state in the release that it does ‘not’ yet run on the M1 Mac, but it does - to a degree.
A: This version does run on the M1 Mac
B: This version does export examples as AU
B: This version does ‘not’ correctly export, VST, VST3, or Standalone.

However: Version 2.8.0 (from 2021) does also run on the M1 Mac AND…
A: Version 2.8.0 does run on the M1 Mac
B: Version 2.8.0 does export examples as AU
B: Most importantly, version 2.8.0 does export examples as working VST, VST3, or Standalones.

Rory, I am sure you knew all this already, but you might want to keep an easy link to version 2.8.0 around for beginners as well.

Just testing because, I show things in class and encourage students to download and install and every semester they come back with no work saying. It doesn’t work on my M1 or it doesn’t work on my … and, in some ways… it does - which is AWESOME. THANKS!!!

Thanks @Dr_Richard_Boulanger, this is great feedback. You need to codesign the plugins with this version. You have two options, the first is to enable the ad-hoc signing in the Cabbage settings. The second is to manually codesign them after they export. So crack open the terminal and run something like this:

codesign --force --deep -s - ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/MyPlugin.vst3

2.8.0 will run on an M1 mac, but not natively. And you didn’t need to codesign the plugins because it was built using an earlier version of MacOS, a version that didn’t insist on code signing. FWIW, you can grab any previous version here.

Can you let me know if the codesigning works? I have to manually codesign plugins to get them to work in Live, but the auto-signing from Cabbage seems to work fine for other DAWs.

I can confirm that codesigning works with a VST3 export of Lore built with 2.9.0. (Your post is extremely timely: I was trying to get this to work yesterday and realized this morning that codesigning might be the issue.) EDIT: more specifically, I used manual codesigning following your example, and the host is Bitwig.

Thanks for clarifying @AdamSchabtach, and welcome to the forum. It’s nice to see some Lore users here :slight_smile:

Still a cause for celebration even if we are all using the latest!

Thanks Rory :slight_smile:

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