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Cabbage and 10-point touch monitor

Hi Rory,
have you ever tested or know of a touch-screen (used as a second screen) that works well to manipulate Cabbage UI, Reaper’s host, in windows 10?
It would be a great thing to be able to handle a one with ten fingers.
Andrea S.

I’ve haven’t used one, but multitouch works fine on platforms which support it. However, I’ve no idea wether or not this extends to a second monitor.

I tested with HANNspree HT161HNB monitor, I set it as first monitor with plugins and laptop as second monitor, it works fine!

I tested DrumPads.csd in the example on a surface pro9 touch panel. It works fine with a mouse, but not with a touch panel. With a mouse, when I change the position of the pad I hit, the pan moves, but with a touch panel, it doesn’t.

Hi @Toshi, I can’t really comment on this as I don’t have access to a surface pro to test. I wonder if anyone else here has any experience with this?