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Cabbage and Godot?

First I want to say thank you so much for this amazing framework. I really want to get into it but I do have some minor concerns. I really do support opensource, but the to be honest the GPL license has always been a little too hardcore for me.

I really believe in your project and I really want to support it, but I can’t help but keep thinking about Google and Java. You seem pretty open to providing a commercial license, but as we’ve seen in the past it don’t really mean squat with GPL. I’m not trying to get all up in your business like that, but was just thinking about it if I decide to go with your solution. I’m not complaining, or asking for anything.

I didn’t want to revive an old thread on the commercial licensing, so I thought of something else that was on my mind. I’m wondering how can I use Cabbage with Godot? I know that I can’t mix them, but I should be able to spawn an external process to run it to create a VST?

I’ve really just discovered this, so I haven’t given it much thought. I love using Godot, but I’m also loving using your program. I can see now why it’s not widely adopted or known. I swear it was only a few months ago I went looking for something to build a plugin, and I didn’t find this. I sort of stumbled across it and I think it popped up in my YT feed.


Hi @Slappz!

I’m not sure where you’re getting this from. GPL goes out the window if you purchase a commercial license for Cabbage.

So the easiest thing to do here is to simply build a Csound interface for Godot. This is what I do for Unity. Unity embeds Csound but users can still design their instruments using Cabbage. A similar solution would probably work fine for Godot. I used Go

That’s on me. I really should promote it more, but that side of things has never really interested me. I prefer to just make music :wink:

Well I’ll see if I can’t help out with promoting it by developing some plugins with it. I doubt I’ll ever build a commercial ready plugin, but I’d love to try and your project is perfect for me.

I’m kind of slow and just starting, so it’ll take me at least a couple of years, and in the mean time I can release some free plugins. That’s good to know there is a path to being able to sell them some day.

The work that you’ve all done to me is amazing. I feel I have no choice but to use it. Thanks for your time and response!

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