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Cabbage and memory usage

Rory, I was wondering how much memory a widget normally takes? I know that’s not a hard and fast rule, as different widgets have different needs.

I’m just wondering if I can reduce the number of widgets I’m creating (I do have a number of redundancies), will it have an impact on my program?

I was planning on doing this in the next revision, but if this might help with my issues, then I just might do this now, as I’m not sure how to troubleshoot my current problem.

I am also rethinking how to make the program more modular, and try using an external editor. I already use an external editor, but those thing I do with cabbage’s editor, seem to become unstable and I have to rewrite a chunk of code to get rid of a problem.

A GUI widget itself doesn’t take up much memory. But having 1000s of them might cause spikes in your CPU.

To be honest, if I was writing code that contained 10s of thousands of lines like you are, I wouldn’t not be using the Cabbage text editor. I would probably use Visual Studio code or Atom, both of which have good Csound integration.

Thanks, while not thousands of widgets, but we are talking about close to 50 duplicates that are not needed.

Also, I’ve used Atom, and since it supports Csound…