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Cabbage as GUI front-end for Raspberry Pi

I’m starting to really like Cabbage. When I saw the OSC examples, I realised I could use Cabbage as a GUI controller sending OSC messages and on the RPi use a csd reacting on these messages…

That’s true. It may also be possible to build Cabbage on a RPi. I can recall a member doing this before.

I have seen that. For performance reasons I like to run the Pi headless and have the GUI somewhere else, like on a tablet. I am working now on a program ‘CabbageSplitter’, that reads in a Cabbage csd and then splits it into the GUI part, adding OSC and the csd part…

I noticed a post on the Csound list about -n. I guess you are using it on the host machine? This is needed in Cabbage so that it can take control of the audio devices. It doesn’t affect writing of sound to disk using fout or such, but does mean you can’t run them with Csound from the command line.

Yes I also had to add -odac:hwplug:1 in my csd running on the Pi. BTW this works great: I split Ian’s Bass Guitar csd (by hand for now) into the GUI part running on my Macbook and the csd running on the Pi!

Rory, if I want to control multiple instruments or synths running on my Pi I guess Cabbage Studio is an option? Since I noticed I can only run one instance of Cabbage at a time?

Hmm, you should be able to load a few instances of Cabbage at one time?

I’m afraid not. On OS X, when I have a Cabbage instrument open and start Cabbage again, nothing happens…

You can try Studio, but I’m not sure how well it will work. It’s worth a try at least!

P.S. Opening multiple instances of Cabbage works fine on Windows. I’ll have to see why it doesn’t work on OSX.