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Cabbage Audio Android verion install is failed

I tested the Android version of Cabbage Audio. I downloaded the Cabbag audio andoroid version, transferred the apk file to my Pixel 7 Pro, switched to developer mode, and tried to install it, but I couldn’t. Can you give me some advice? Is CSoundUnity a better choice?

The version of Cabbage available for Android is about 10 years old at this stage, I’d say it would be simple to use Unity as CsoundUnity is very much up to date with the latest version of Csound and Unity :+1:

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@Toshi to install “unknown” apps you probably need to enable your browser under Security&Privacy / Install unknown apps / your browser

Notice that CsoundUnity is meant to be used to build Android apks (well it also supports other platforms, like macOS, Windows and iOS) that make use of Csound through Unity, and technically it’s not an editor for Csound that runs straight on your phone (well you can code that yourself but it will take a while).
If you want a Csound editor other than the old Cabbage above, you can try Csound for Android

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