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Cabbage crashes when I make the smallest change and save it

Hi @rorywalsh, I am trying to use Cabbage to create a plugin for a final project in NUIM. However, any time I make a small change and save so I can try running it, it crashes. I then have to reopen Cabbage and the same thing repeats.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Loopyrkls, can you let me know what version you are using and what platform. It’s always best to test the latest beta version of you are having crashes. You can grab the latest beta installer from the main page of this forum. I would post the link but I’m currently typing from my phone…

@rorywalsh I appreciate the quick reply. I have since gone and downloaded v2.7 from the website and I will test out what I have and see if the same issue arises. I am actually following your YouTube guide on making a simple plug-in, to get me started. but it was becoming tiresome with all the crashing. I will update you when I test out the newer version.

Thanks again.

If that still causes you problems please PM me the instrument you are using and I will see if I can recreate the crash here. What operating system are you using?