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Cabbage Create spamming warnings to the console

I have been working on a group of UDOs that automatically script in gui objects for a multiband effects processor. Most of the widgets in the effect are scripted in on load using cabbageCreate like:
Screate sprintf “bounds(%f, %f, %f, %f) channel(%s_container)”, ileft, iright, iw, ih, Sname
cabbageCreate “image”, Screate

It seems whatever the last channel attempting to create itself for each cabbageCreate opcode I am running. This happens in the cabbageCreateColours example for me as well.

Slot Demo.csd (25.7 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. Something is off. Btw, you shouldn’t use whitespaces in channel names :crazy_face:

I’ve pushed a fix for this. Well, fix is too strong a term, I basically removed it until I have to time to come up with a better solution to this problem. :+1:

So, this may or may not be related to the previous issue, but in the #20210722.2 beta the first time I load the slot demo plugin everything is fine. #20210721.4 where you made the original fix never built on Azure so I load up the newest beta. The second time, none of the children of parent images spawn in.

On the good side, load times appear to be a lot faster now that my project is not spamming the console-- I was worried it was due to all of the cabbageCreate code and am glad it was not that :rofl:

Yeah, looks like I messed something up here. The same problem happens with cabbageCreateColours.csd, let me take a look.

[edit] @Chris_Poovey. I just triggered a new build now. I can’t run your instrument through the debugger because you don’t use valid XML tags for your channel names, but the cabbageCreateColours works fine. I’m guessing yours will too in the release build.

The new build works! Thank you