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Cabbage creating web application?

I was wondering if you can make things using cabbage and still have it so that it can load up on a website and have people use and edit it online

Hi @Alex_Wang. Csound can run online but Cabbage cannot. But you could generate interfaces for your Cabbage .csd files so that users can interact with them online. You can simply parse the Cabbage section and generate a UI accordingly.

I’m sorry. I don’t quite understand what you mean. Are you saying I dont use cabbage for a web app, but if I do, I need to take the code I used in cabbage and copy it into csound?

correct. Cabbage can not run in a browser but the Csound code that Cabbage executes can run in a browser.

If I am understanding this correctly,

  1. csd files can be converted to wasm
  2. cabbage does not directly run on web
  3. the ui that cabbage builds runs using csound

write the code, make the front end in cabbage, use another csound application, then export to web?

.csd files are text files, they don’t need to be converted to anything. Csound, which has a wasm build, can read the same csd files as Cabbage, but you will need to simplify things.

Correct, although it is possible with some work. But it’s not work I have much interest in pursuing.

Not quite. Cabbage creates its UI and which then “connects” to Csound. Csound and Cabbage can then speak to each other in a two directional manner.

Yeah, this sounds good. But I would put it like this: write the code, make the front end in Cabbage, rewrite the frontend in Javascript. Job done :+1: