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Cabbage Fads away

Hello to all,
I installed cabbage on Ubuntu Studio.
When I play Cabbage: the first time I play and stop. That works fine. If I press play again. Cabbage fades away.
Does anyone have any experience with it?

Hi Ehsan. Welcome to the forum. Can you try the latest build. There is a bug in the version you are using.
If you click the ‘drop’ link here it will give you access to freshly built Ubuntu binaries.

Alternatively, you could build yourself from source. Btw, which version did you try? 2.5.0?

dear rory,
many thanks for the answer.
my version is 2.5.0

I installed Cabbage once and it didn’t work. There was only Icon. and installed again without deleting the last one. maybe comes from this?

Did you try running the binary in that zip file? If you run it from the command line it should work ok. Let me know.