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Cabbage file browser problem with Linux Kde Plasma (solved)

Hi again!

Cabbage works perfectly using Deepin as a desktop environment. I’m a Manjaro (Arch Linux) user.

But with Kde Plasma, the file browser never appears. I can’t load, save or export projects.

I have installed Cabbage compiling from AUR.

How can I fix that issue?

Thanks so much for this awesome software and for your help.

Did you try the Arch Linux Cabbage AUR?
I’m not sure how update to date it is, but it’s worth a shot? If you have issues with it I can reach out to the maintainer of that package.

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Thats the package I have installed.

I found the solution.

Gtk desktop (Gnome, Deepin…) use zenity for the dialogs.

Qt desktop (Kde Plasma) use kdialog for this.

Install kdialog solves my problem.

Thanks so much!

Nice one! Glad it’s working now :+1:

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