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Cabbage is freezing when I try to run my code

Cabbage freezes when I try to run my code. The code was written using atom text editor and tested in terminal. I made sure there were no white spaces in my file path, and I got no error messages in the terminal window of cabbage. Sometimes the code would run (rare), but no there was no sound. If I tried to run it again it would freeze.

I am on OS X 11.5.2, Csound version 6.16 and tried running on both Cabbage 2.8.0 and the latest beta.
Would appreciate some help!

Hi @kvikksam, welcome to the forum. Can you produce a minimal example and share the code so I can test here?

Thank you @rorywalsh!
This is my code :slight_smile:
I tried commenting out the bulk of the code to eliminate any problems, but it still persists
semesteroppgavecabb.csd (5.3 KB)

It looks like an issue with the waveguide flutes. If I comment that out it no longer crashes. I’d start looking there to see if there are some issues with input parameters. :+1:

@rorywalsh Thank you! This is a project for my exam at university, so the fast response is really appreciated!

thanks again :pray:

Good luck with it. I hope you can narrow down the issue. Running this .csd file in the command line is only useful if you comment out the CsOptions and replace with -odac - otherwise Csound won’t try to process any audio. But that would be a good place to test it.

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