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Cabbage Lite doesn't store Audio/Midi prefs

Only the default audio and no midi is showing when Cabbage Lite starts.

The Cabbage Lite.settings file contains just that:

?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?

VALUE name=“AlwaysOnTop” val=“0”/

(I had to remove the angle brackets to show it here)

And on quitting, Cabbage Lite always crash.
When starting with the terminal, I get many error messages and on the end:
csound tidy up: Segmentation fault

By the way, why are Cabbage prefs stored on 2 different places ?
./Library/Application\ Support/Cabbage2/Cabbage2.setting

Cabbage Lite prefs are only here:
./Library/Application\ Support/Cabbage\ Lite.settings

I know. I saw that today whilst working on multi IO in Cabbage Lite for you :wink: Can you try the latest build here. Note that this is just the first attempt to add multi-channel IO to Cabbage Lite. In my tests earlier I could open up one of my 8 channels instruments and it worked fine. The audio settings were also being saved correctly. I’m not too concerned about the crash on exit just yet, but I hopefully find a fix for that tomorrow. For now I’m just anxious to hear if you can now run multi-channel instruments with it.

Sorry, I don’t see the artifacts (like last time)

You need to click on the most recent build from the list on the right. Then it will bring to the build page and should display an artifacts button on the top right hand side of the page. In any case, this is the latest OSX installer which includes the latest CabbageLite build.

Ok, I tested it. It’s worse than everything. The channels don’t show up it the settings, it plays on 2 channels only, with a terrible distortion, the same that than I try to use Coreaudio in csoundQt instead of portaudio.

Ok. Back to the drawing board then.