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Cabbage logo and vst vendor

what i make with cabbage and export as VST has the cabbage logo in the lower right corner and list CabbageAudio as the VST vendor. can this be changed?

Cabbage Logo can be hide using a image whit bounds equal to instrument size.

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great thanks. and what about the VST vendor?

The VST Vendor is hard coded into the binary. You would need to rebuild the entire software from source to remove it.

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makes sense. thanks

probably im gonna need more help with that.
what do i change and where in the source code?

I’m a little uneasy in providing people with instructions on how to remove all mention of Cabbage from their plugins as it generally means that the Cabbage project gets zero credit or acknowledgement when the plugin is released. I can’t stop you from doing it if you have the programming skills, but providing specific instructions seems counter intuitive to the entire project. What’s wrong with people knowing the plugin was developed with Cabbage? You can always place information in the plugin itself to show who the author was. Many people already do this.

ok no problem, yes that makes perfect sense.
and there is nothing wrong with people knowing the plugin was developed with Cabbage, didnt mean it that way.
and cabbage looks like a great project indeed.

(cabbage plugin vendor confuses things up though since it is being used to search for plugins in DAWs etc but hey, no worries)

I agree that this is an issue. it does things harder to organise, but I’ve not yet been able to find a way of making this information dynamic so that it can be set for each plugin. But I’m learning new things all the time, maybe I’ll find a way to do this some day :wink: