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Cabbage, Nektar, Bitwig

Got a new Nektar Impact LX61+ yesterday. Eventually I would like to drive it entirely from Cabbage, I have 2.8.0 on Win 10 but hopefully moving to linux later (probably Ubuntu). I have some CSound experience, work as a software developer. The LX61+ comes with Bitwig 8-track licensed for 1 year, I kind of like it. German software engineering :slight_smile: The LX61+ is really just a very capable USB keyboard-synth, so I need something big and capable on the other end like CSound/Cabbage. Has anyone done this with a Nektar synth? How about Cabbage/CSound interaction with Bitwig? I see mention of it in the forums but I’m not sure the purposes folks have. Thanks much … Nick Geo

Hi @Nicholas_Geovanis, welcome to the forum. I can’t say much about the Nektar, as I’ve never had one, but Cabbage should run with Bitwig without any problems. I have a soft spot for Bitwig. I think if I was to start using a DAW, it would be that one.

Thanks @rorywalsh. Unless I’m really missing something, I see it as an either/or choice between CSound/Cabbage and Bitwig. Because even in the dumbed-down 8-track free-ish version that came with the Nektar, it has all the software synthesis I need. Of course, in the end, CSound brings more to the table than that… With Bitwig integration, the dumb-ish USB/GM2 keyboard easily becomes a full DAW.

I wouldn’t ever have consider Csound a competitor to Bitwig, or any other DAW for that matter. But by combining the two you get the best of both worlds. On the other hand, most people start using Cabbage/Csound because of the limitations in closed source commercial software.