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Cabbage not playing the code

The example file is added to the patcher and outputs audio

Might it be a problem in your CSD file? If Csound can’t compile the file it won’t be added to the Cabbage graph…

Might be, but it works perfectly well before the problem occurs and i haven’t changed anything.

hmm :thinking: can you PM me the file? I will try it here, but it won’t be until tomorrow as I have to leave the office now :+1:

Ok thanks for the help!

It seems to run here fine without any problems. Can you post me the entire path to the csd file when you load it in Cabbage?


Shoot I was hoping there was some kind of strange non-ASCII character that might be causing the problem. hmmm :thinking: can you try closing that file, open an example file, run the example file, close cabbage, reopen and then try your file? Sorry I’m clutching at straws here because I really can’t think what is causing this problem :grimacing:

I’ll try it out a bit later! Thank you

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Hi, just wanted to update about a possible workaround on this issue for anyone else that might have the same problem. I found that creating a new file and copying the code of the project that doesn’t load in there makes it able to run it on the new file without problems… but you have to copy and paste it by pieces and run every iteration of it for it to work. For example, you copy and paste the cabbage widgets section, run it, and then copy and paste the instr’s code and run it. That worked for me at least. It’s a bit annoying to go through the struggle to transfer everything over to a completely new file, but at least it’s a possible solution.