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Cabbage not working with AirPods Pro USB in-ear phones

Even with the latest beta version of Cabbage, the program does not work with my Apple AirPods selected for the ‘speaker’ or the Mic. Is it just the AirPod, or does Cabbage have an issue supporting Bluetooth audio devices? It lists the device by name, but when selected - no sound in or out.

Hmm, I’m not sure about this one. I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to use my bluetooth speakers with Cabbage. I suspect that JUCE should be more than capable of interfacing with AirPods. Let me check the JUCE forums.

Seems that some people have had issues due to the AirPod dynamically changing the sample rate. Does it work Ok if you disconnect them, launch Cabbage, and then connect?

I am happy to report that it is not a Bluetooth issue. My JBL noise-canceling phones work perfectly with Cabbage - but the iPod Pro earbuds do still have issues, even when trying your technique.

I am happy to report that, as you suggest, if I first run Cabbage and then connect the iPod Pro earbuds - they do show up. They do work - but they distort incredibly - and after a few minutes, they stop - especially if you ask Cabbage to use the iPod Pro as input and output - everything is gone again.

Solution for now - use other wireless headphones and earbuds - I will check others, but I don’t think you need to spend any more minutes on this one for now. THANKS for the great and inspiring Cabbage! - Game Changer

Thanks for reporting back. I’ve read that the AirPod devices like to take control over sampling rate and bit-depth, which is fine when they are connected to an Apple software, but seem to wreak havoc with non Apple software :grimacing: Anyhow, glad to hear the other devices are working Ok.

Hi, I had the same issue with my AirPods that got resolved after I switched to another pair of earbuds (Bose QuietComfort 20 FYI).

I am having some issues with classic Airpods as well.

My VST works well in Cabbage until I add an exciter filter. Then, the sound stops in my airpods and if I remove this effect dynamically the sound resumes again.

After having spent the week end signing a plugin, I encounter this issue, it looks like Apple has a lot of surprises for audio developers :smiley:

Edit: I tried the same VST with my MacBook Pro speakers and I confirm there are no issues.

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