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Cabbage on Linux (Ubuntu) does not install any desktop entries


I switched to Linux (Ubuntu), downloaded Cabbage from this website and ran Cabbage does not show up in the start menu and is not found via the plasma search (alt+space). I can start it by going to /usr/bin/ and executing the binary. It appears that the install script did not install the desktop entry for cabbage. I wanted to install it manually, but the folder ‘desktop’ in the downloaded files is empty.

Is there any way to resolve this?

Not until I get to Linux machine and see what the story is. That’ll be next Monday at the earliest though…

I get some error about Cabbage.desktop, but after I install I can access Cabbage from the file menu :thinking:

Is the desktop folder in the downloaded zip file supposed to be empty? Because it is for me. Which means this part in the install script never runs 0 times because there are 0 files in the downloaded desktop directory:

install -d "$desktop_path"
for file in "$build_path"/desktop/*; do
  install -m644 "$file" "$desktop_path"
  echo "installing $file to $desktop_path"

Good question. I think this file is supposed to be there:

Which might explain why you’re not getting those entries. Can you add this file to that folder and try again?

[edit] I just updated the build scripts. This file should now be copied over to the right place during the build process :crossed_fingers:

Great, thank you! Now it works :slight_smile:

Great, and thanks for the heads up. I don’t get to work in Linux as much as I used to, so I often miss this things.