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Cabbage Patcher always connects everything, doesnt save settings

I’ve been messing with the cabbage patcher a bit to try out ideas for combinations of arp/synth/fx. I noticed that when I run the patches it connects everything together, so any effects get instant feedback from the built in mic and there’s just a mess of cables connecting everything input to output… this makes it very difficult to use. Also, it doesn’t currently save any of the settings in the instruments or effects, so if I make a sound I like and save the patch, it is not anywhere close to the same thing when I come back.

This could e a really useful and cool feature.

Heres a screenshot of a patch after loading and running

Hi @MacroMachines, welcome back! You can disable the auto connect from the main settings dialogue. The patches should save instrument settings. Let me take a look…

It’s working fine for me. Can you make sure you are using the latest beta, that way I know we are using the same version to test. The latest snapshot can be downloaded from here.