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Cabbage plugins do not work with MIDI files?

A while ago I tested my plugin and additionally the wavetable synth of the examples in FL Studio.

I tried both of them on running MIDI files and what I got from them was silence…

If I put notes in the Piano Roll, I get sound. But if they are notes from a MIDI file, they don’t play.
Maybe there is something in a MIDI file that causes a conflict?

There is nothing wrong with Cabbage when it comes to responding to MIDI events, as shown by the fact it works when you play on the piano roll. I don’t know what you mean when you say it won’t work with midi files. I suggest there is something amiss with your FL Studio routing. I’m not sure, I don’t use FL Studio.

Btw, Cabbage doesn’t read midi files unless you specifically use a MIDI opcode. It’s the job of the host to read the MIDI files and send the MIDI events to Cabbage and this is definitely working.

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I understand.
When I meant that it didn’t work with the MIDI files, it’s the piano roll notes that it adds, it just can’t reproduce them.

It’s as if they are different from the ones that are added manually.
I guess some parameter of the notes in the MIDI files is creating the conflict.

In fact, when one of these notes is treated by my plugin, it starts modifying plugin parameters that should not be modified (the waveform controls) :thinking: .

It would be nice to have a way to see the plugin processes while executing the plugin.

Check the MIDI channels the notes are outputting on. By default instr 1 plays notes from channel one only. But if you add the following to your orchestra header (just under 0dbfs=0) it should route all channels to instrument 1:

massign 0, 1

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Working smoothly after adding that code line… Thanks for all the help cabbage man!

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