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Cabbage plugins for all?

Is there a way to export plugins with Cabbage that also work for those who haven’t got Csound installed on their computer? Or alternatively is it possible to convert the plugins exported with Cabbage to such a form that they also work for those who haven’t got Csound installed on their computer?

Most people I know don’t know Csound and haven’t got it installed, so the plugins generated with Cabbage will not work on their computers. Which is a pity. Or am I wrong here?

On macOS you can bundle Csound with the plug-in and re-link the binaries accordingly so users don’t need to have Csound uninstalled. On windows it’s a little trickier but do you can have your installer install Csound alongside your plugin.

The pro version of Cabbage embeds Csound into the plug-in binaries so you don’t have to worry about installing it with the plugins at all.

Thank you. So it can be done, and it has been done. But $500 is a lot of money. Particularly as I don’t want to sell my plugins or hide the code. I just want to put hem on the web for free for anyone to use or to change as they see fit without first asking them to install Csound.

I understand. But for sure there are ways of doing it :+1:

Do the exported stand-alone Windows exe-files also need Csound to be installed on the computer of the users in order to work?

Cannot test this myself as I’m running Linux Mint…

Yes that is correct. Windows are definitely the hardest platform to target. If you don’t use any plugin opcodes you’ll get away with just placing in the Csound 64.dll into the same folder as the plugin. When the plugin loads it will load the Csound library that’s in the same directory as it. But if users have ceased and install this might create conflicts. The best would be to add an installer option for a C sound so that users who already have it can choose not to install it. The Cabbage installer for Windows has options for this if you wanna check it out on github to see how it’s done. :+1:

I want to keep it as simple as possible both for myself and for the user. And it doesn’t need to be Windows, any generally used OS will do. Personally I like Linux, but I want to publish my plugins or apps for at least one generally used platform besides Linux. Maybe Android is an option? How easy is it on Android to run a Cabbage app?

Not easy at all in fact it’s a bit of a nightmare. Each instrument has to be rebuilt specifically for android or iOS. It’s a lot of work.

I don’t have a problem with building two separate versions of my instruments in Cabbage as I like working with Cabbage, but it has to be super easy for Android users to use the Android version otherwise they will not do so…

I think you’re missing my point, it’s currently not possible to run modern Cabbage instruments on Android.

Oh - in that case that’s no option either.

For now it’s just the three major desktop platforms that are supported.

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