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Cabbage Recipes section?

Are we going to have a recipes section again? And if so, how difficult would it be to repost some of the community instruments that had been posted there before on the old forums? There were some real gems in there!

I can set up a Recipes sections. I’ll have to see if I can get access to the ones from the old site. Most are all included now in the Examples but come to think of it, I had a few there that I would like to get back!

Yeah, I don’t remember which instruments are missing, but I remember going through the recipes when I first started playing with cabbage and finding all sorts of awesome stuff that wasn’t (at the time) included in the examples.

I wish I had realized the old forums were going away, I could have spent a day or two playing archeologist and digging up some old relics :wink:

It’s not gone exactly. I should still be able to grab everything that was on the server.

This is very promising news!

Could you also post up some of the docs from the old site? I referred back to a lot of those on a regular basis. Thanks!

Docs are included and distributed with each release. If you are on OSX they should launch by pressing Cmd+1 when you are inside the section of your source code. If not, rightlick on, show contents and browse to the Doc folders. New updated Docs are on their way and will be in the next release.

Wow, I can’t believe all this time and I never realized the same doc was included.

And I can’t believe that all this time you were using the old, out of date, somehow still stuck on the server, docs!