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Cabbage slow down while scrolling

I am experiencing a slowdown in scrolling when I am scrolling the top part of my csd , I suspect the trigger is the fact that my code in that area uses very long lines to define the gui elements. It slows down around 3-5 times.

When I continue to scroll and enters the area where I define my instruments where I use much shorter lines is speeds up again its scrolling speed back to normal smooth interaction.

Yeah, I think this is an issue with the JUCE text editor. It’s the one thing about JUCE that I find lacking, in comparison to other frameworks. I’ve looked into using other text editors in the past, but couldn’t get them to work with JUCE. Therefore I’m kind of stuck to using the one available in JUCE.

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How about Visual Studio Code ? Mind you, I am not a huge fan of it because its can be slow because its based on web technology (I think electron or something) but not that slow of course. The nice thing about Visual Studio Code is that it has a CSOUND extension which provides syntax highlighting and auto completion. Plus its open source.

To be sincere VSCODE has become like the most popular IDE by far lately and for good reason. The amount extensions alone make this incredible powerful and is well designed to be extended easily. Even I made some custom configurations for it for debuging and vim like workflow.

Snap. It, and most Elektron app I know seem to use a ridiculous amount of RAM. But I’m lucky in that most of me PCs have more than enough RAM to handle it quite well. And because I use VS quite a lot, I got kind of used to working with it.

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