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Cabbage stopped producing sound

Hey! I’m trying to create an implementation of the partikkel opcode with cabbage. Up until a couple of hours ago everything was going smoothly, but now cabbage has stopped outputting audio. I’m not getting any errors and old projects that previously worked, don’t work anymore. I’ve reinstalled csound…

try the patcher window (view menu), it might be that the connections are not being made…

also, make sure 'auto-connect is enabled:


Thank you! Must’ve disabled it by accident.

By the way. When i opened the patcher window pre restart, there were two instances of the synth and one “untitled”. Maybe this has something to do with the “play and not able to stop” issue discussed in another thread?

Have you ever saved the patches or do you always just save the Csound file itself? I wonder if there’s a problem saving the patches :thinking:

Never even opened the window before you mentioned it

Looks like it was just caused by another form with the same caption

Let me know if the problem occurs again, thanks. Hopefully don’t need to waste any more time on it :+1: