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Cabbage v2.0 and AudioUnits

After what seems like an eternity, I’ve finally gotten around to packaging the first official release of Cabbage 2.

Most on this list will already be familiar with all the goodness offered in this new version, but one thing you may not be aware of is that Cabbage now exports to AudioUnits in the same way it does for VSTs. Please give it a whirl and report any issue you may have.

The main website has been updated, along with the online docs. Note that the current release is actually more recent than the latest beta, so for now it’s best to grab binaries from the link posted above. Good luck and enjoying Cabbageing (Apropos, we should start a petition to get Cabbageing into the Oxford diction for 2020!)

Finally, I’d like to thank @iainmccurdy, @Oeyvind, @Karamel1 @t_grey and everyone else that helped bring this version to release. Without your endless hours of frustration during the beta testing process this release would never have made the light of day!

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This is awesome news… both the release and the news of AU exporting! I’ve got a buddy who has been fiending to get some of this cabbage goodness into Logic!

Well he knows who to bug if he finds any issues (YOU!) :joy:

Indeed… I’m already sort of his tech support/advisor anyway :spy:

Congratulations Rory! I’m looking forward to testing beta versions of Cabbage 3… or maybe just go straight to Cabbage X.

I like the sound of Cabbage X. Sounds fancy. We’d really need some awesome new features for that. We would probably have to implement a deep learning AI to warrant such a title :wink:

Instruments that write themselves…

I like the sound of this!

Thank you a lot for all efforts you put into combo box and to really deliver a super great piece of software!
Looking forward to Install it!

Congratulations!! Thank you so much. …or as we say in Trondheim Con-granulations!!!

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That’s partikkel-ularly funny :joy:

Congrats with the release Rory! Great work!
Some of my students are interested in making AU-plugins, but I couldn’t find any updated info on that. Do you have a receipe or explanation to help them?

Sorry, found it in the menu. Will test it soon :slight_smile:

With the latest version of Cabbage there is no difference between exporting AUs and VSTs apart from the menu command you choose:

The only thing that has been troublesome so far is that you must set a unique pluginid() for each exported file. VST doesn’t really seem to care about this, but AUs do.

I’m just adding this little note here as a reminder to myself and any others that might have issues when it comes to running Cabbage AUs. Some versions of Csound are set up so they can be easily linked to AU binaries, others version are not. If you have probably getting your AUs validated, you may need to relink the Csound library to your plugin lib!

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So when does the rebranding to Cabbage X happen? :star_struck:

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