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Cabbage vst does really f*cked up stuff

So i was messing around in cabbage and ended up with a funky synth but when testing it in my daw(FL Studio fruity edition v 20.8.0) just a but load of really really weird things started happening so i ran some test here are my results:

at specific parts of the melody the plugin audio cuts out for a second or 2 with a loud click but further testing showd that its not just its own audio that 100% dies no everything else just ends effects, other plugins on different paterns and even audio files arent spared from what ever demonic thing is inside my synth.

I have provided all files including an audio demo if anyone knows what happend here please let me know cuz when the wierd stuff doesnt happen this plugin sounds rather nice.

WaveLength Square test 2.csd (2.8 KB)

alright i have done more testing myself and i know think i know whats happening but not why its happening and how to fix it.

for some reason at certain points of a melody the plugin produces a high freq sound dangerous to speakers and the human ear and it seems like in a protective counter act fl has a function that if a sound goes past a certain high freq it shuts of all sound that played untill the high freq either goes away or becomes low enough to not cause any harm

Cabbage will do lots of messed up shit if you programme that way. So a better subject might be, ‘what have I done wrong to make Cabbage sound like shite?:wink:

I’m not going to run your code, because I like my ears, but from looking it at I imagine it has something to do with how you have set up your filter. Why are you trying to set negative cutoff frequencies?

well to be really honest

this is your code its just the final version of the simple synth from the docs i plan to expand on

I accept that there is a mistake in my code, which is why I specifically pointed out to you that you should set the LFO mode, remember :thinking:

well since i succ absolute balls at opcoding i didnt really get what u meaned with that

p.s. this video tutorial series is probably better than the docs, if youtube playlists are your thing…

:laughing: Sure. I get that. But it’s better to ask than to file stuff as a bug :man_shrugging:

well since i only changed the ui colors of what is just a copy paste of something from the docs i assumed it was a bug

You’re first assumption should always be that I messed up and posted some bogus code :rofl: Second assumption, it’s a bug :+1:

i now changed the lfo mode to 5 wich creates about 2.5 seconds of input delay

Working fine here. Latency is usually down to buffer sizes. Last time you posted your audio settings it showed a very large buffer size. That’s probably the cause of your latency issues.

i forgot a space somewhere i did kLFOFreq,5 instead of kLFOFreq, 5 lol

That shouldn’t make any difference? You don’t need whitespace between arguments. Anyhow, I’m glad it’s working now :metal:

For some reason, I feel like I should drop this link here… a lot of aspects of this conversation are covered specifically:

Either way… glad everything got sorted out!