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Cabbage VST export in Azure Pipelines


Since many months I’d like to have an automated CI pipeline to export Cabbage VSTs.
I’m now starting to work on it, and I’d like to release it on Github so anyone could set up it easily.

Has anyone already created an Azure environment with a Cabbage version installed (and if possible a custom Pro version)? I’m looking for some resources to not start from scratch, so if you’ve worked on something similar don’t hesitate to ping be.

I’ll spend the next few weeks on that, because right now my process is a bit chaotic and I’d like to be able to deliver faster updates/VSTs!



I haven’t done this for Cabbage plugins, but I have with other projects, and obviously Cabbage itself. Note that building from a private repo has limitations, and be careful that you don’t suddenly get a bill. I’ve heard some horror stories about Azure billing people who believed they were working within the restrictions of the free tier. :grimacing:

p.s. if you do come up with something please share, I think it would make life easier for a lot of Cabbage users :slight_smile:

Mmmh yes actually I’m worried about the costs…

Is there any self-hosted alternative? Using Docker images for example?

I think you can self host with Azure for free? I could be wrong. I know of people using Jenkins. I’m sure there are lots of ways of doing this these days. CI pipelines are such a big thing now with so many options available.

Thanks, I’ll try working on that soon!