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Cabbage2lite pretesting: 2

I’ve been digging a little deeper and it seems that you can nest as many plants as you want, you can’t include more than one within a plant. That’s sucks.

Awesome, glad you’re getting to the bottom of it. Sorry my examples aren’t more concise… I’m still going to send you one with the amprange crash, but it’s a full instrument. I’ll try to mark it as clearly as I can like the GUI test, but feel free to wait on looking at it if needed. I’m working around the amprange issue just fine for the moment. I just find this odd, because I had no problems with previous cabbage2 betas up until I mentioned it.

I stepped back to 2.0.24 for now… it’s just quicker to be able to launch c2l as I’m trying to figure out the init issues I’m having with the bypass_gui UDO. I think that’s related to the discussion you and Vince had on the list, but I don’t know that I saw or understood how the change would affect me. I’ll re-read that thread a couple of times :slight_smile:

I’ll have a version for you tomorrow morning that should work fine again with Sublime.

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I gotta ask for an extension on this :joy: So I’ve reworked the plant code entirely to allow as many nested plants as you like. It now also supports as many plants within a plant as you like. But I just need to make sure that the GUI editor is Ok for moving things around. As it stands it messes up some text in the .csd file. I don’t think it will involve major surgery, but I’ve very limited time for the rest of the day. Sorry to keep you hanging, but it will be worth the wait :wink:

No problem… Until the recent discussion about nested plants I had never really understood the limitation, but I probably forget the complications of the GUI editor since I mostly worked from sublime and twiddled my widgets by hand. :innocent:

Anyways, once I got the init/bypass issue figured out, the current build isn’t TOO bad to work around. Tho I’m starting to question my sanity on what actually works and doesn’t, and what’s actually crashing and isn’t. I look into my crystal ball and I see learning debuggers in my future. :eyes:

In the mean time, I’ve had a few other ideas and minor fixes keeping me busy.

That’s it. If it was just code and straight parsing this stuff would be very easy. Anyhow I’ll hopefully have something for you tomorrow.

I managed to find some time to create a new OSX installer. Try it out and let me know if it’s any better. Fingers crossed; I didn’t have time to test your instruments. Same link as before.

Thanks Rory, but this one is actually a step backwards. Effects still fail on initial open in c2l like before… not sure if it’s for the same reasons yet. Concurrent opens still seem to work tho.

Also widget locations are ALL jumbled up, everything became an unusable heap of widgets up near the top :slight_smile: Looks like everything lost it’s relative positions or something.

It’s kind of hard to see through all of those “fallen widgets”, but it also looks like gentables stopped updating their graph when I resend the table number (as I do in many instruments with customizable shapes). I’m guessing this is you poking around at the amprange problem, but just figured I’d ask to make sure that the way I’ve been updating them is not an accidental functionality or going away.

Ouch! All of my tests passed without any problems. I didn’t actually get around to fixing the amprange issues. But I was so happy with my parent/plant work that I got a build going for you to try out. Back to the drawing board I guess. Leave it with me, and thanks again for your patience.

[edit] my tests passed, but I didn’t get a chance to try your ones. I will now…btw, is it the same in c2h?

I think it involves plants and relative positions. If your test example is pretty simple, it’s easy to miss because things may only end up a few pixels off… but with a larger example it’s impossible to overlook.

No problem at all, thanks for yours! I know I’m a bit weird in my use case with sublime and lighter versions… but I think the flexibility is worth it. And I also might abuse my cabbage widgets a bit… but you can’t make any coleslaw without shredding a few heads of cabbage, right? :grin:

I already rolled back, so I can’t test at the moment as I’m in the middle of finishing something… but surprisingly no! It seemed like c2h was now behaving like c2l, instead of vice-versa. c2h would also fail on initial open sometimes… but I wouldn’t have to reload the file, just click stop and play again in the GUI.