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cabbageGetWidgetChannels and hrange (and others)

I’m using an hrange widget to scale some ranges of other widgets, and once I create the interface I get a list of all the channels created. I noticed that my hrange objects would only return the first of the channel names.

I haven’t checked, but are there other widgets that create multiple channels that also only return their first channel with a cabbageGetWidgetChannels call?

I was only asking because I am planning to write a preset function that would rely on cabbageGetWidgetChannels to return lists of different groups of parameters. If it doesn’t return all of the channels created, then this idea is doomed from the jump…

There is a hack that would work, but let me see if I can just update the opcode. That would be cleaner.

This is fixed now. getCabbageWidgetChannels now supports widget with multiple channels :+1:

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And this is what I get now from a cabbageGetWidgetChannels… The only ones that print correctly are the ones returned from the hrange…

:rofl: Sorry, I know why that is, I’ll get that fixed asap… give me a sec.

New fix pushed. I think this one should work fine.

Rory, thank you! It is so cool to be able to work with someone on software, and get such a response.

I’m downloading it now so I will have it when I get home.

Believe me, I feel the exact same way :slight_smile:

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