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cabbageHasStateData() crashes FL Studio (VST3)

Hi @rorywalsh, I noticed that the cabbageHasStateData() function crashes FL Studio while used in a VST3 plugin.
First, when you load the VST3, FL complains, no sound from the VST3

Then when you try to either delete the plugin or close FL, it freezes the whole FL software

I discovered this issues because ToneZ VST3 crash FL & “sometimes” Reaper (can’t reproduce myself on Reaper but some users crashes in Reaper, the same way I do with FL)

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

test456.csd (1.4 KB)

I’ll take a look when I get a chance @Retornz :+1:

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@Retornz, can you let me know if MacOS uses have faced the same issue?

@Retornz can you pull from the latest dev branch and try this again? I can’t save a session with FL as I don’t have a full version, but I think I have found the fixed the issue :+1:

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I can confirm it’s fixed now ! (I can’t save sessions neither, but the issue happened even when just deleting the instance of the plugin)
Now I have to make the update for ToneZ V2 ! (IIRC I (or the users) faced this issue on MacOS (Reaper), and Linux (LMMS))
Thanks for the quick fix Rory :slight_smile:

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