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I’m going to phase out the development of CabbageLite en lieu of a standalone export option. The CabbageLite version became bit of a pain to maintain. You can use an external editor with the main Cabbage IDE now by selecting ‘auto-update from disk’ in the File menu. I think most use cases for the Lite version will be catered for shortly. Note it’s still part of the installer, and will be until everyone is happy that the time has come for it to be removed.

:+1: thanks for clarifying, makes sense too

Hey Rory, thanks again for maintaining the Lite build… it’s been a huge help and has really become an integral part of my workflow.

I use CabbageLite as a build target for sublime, it launches using a command line interface and passes the filename as an argument. I can open any .csd in sublime and when I’m ready to render I just hit fn+f7, and CabbageLite renders the file in a small window, barely larger than the form size of the instrument.

So I think the most important two things for me right now are:

1: Render file from CLI: I need to be able to launch cabbage from a command line with a filename argument, and have cabbage open and render (not export!) that file. If this is achieved with an extra argument to render, that would be fine too… for example “ MyFile.csd” would open a file, “ -render MyFile.csd” would render, but that’s not really a requirement of mine. It might make things a little easier/more flexible for you?

2: Suppress/Minimize UI: Again, if this is achieved with an option like -suppress or whatever, that would be fine… I’m ok with it being the default behavior too, but I can see a use case for it being optional. I will sometimes leave the rendered window floating sticky on top of sublime while I edit code, so minimal is preferred.

So in the end, I would be launching from sublime via a command line, perhaps with a final command looking like: -surpress -render MyFile.csd

And the end result would look and feel similar to the current Lite offering, with regards to suppressed UI etc. Hopefully that makes sense… and even more hopeful that it’s feasible. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m glad to help where I can!

I think you should already be able to launch it from the command line. But note that you might have to use some OSX wizardry. I think your previous setup accounted for that. The fact that you must launch the Cabbage binary, which is located within…?

I didn’t think that was an issue at this point… but I wanted to make sure that I was being specific with the use case so there wasn’t any confusion as the merge progresses. :slight_smile:

Hey Rory, just checking back in on this… I’ve been dormant for a while, and recently updated my mac laptop to match a freshly installed windows computer, and realized cabbagelite wasn’t here anymore!

Luckily I saved a backup of my previous install, so reverting will be completely painless… but was this finally an intentional change? If so, what’s the new intended workflow to render a csd direct to a gui for testing without the text editor, patcher mode etc taking both space and resources?

If you open the IDE, create a basic synth/effect plugin and export as standalone. After that you need only open the containing .csd file. If you enable autoUpate(1) in your instrument form it should auto update whenever you save a change in the underlying .csd file. Try one of the most recent betas as the standalone export was not working for a while. Let me know if this is workable.

The beta versions I grabbed were from 3.5.22, should this be new enough to test with, or should I refresh them both again?

Each beta has a build number, the current beta is version 2.8.111, I’m not sure where 3.5.22 is from?

Sorry, that was the date downloaded, March 5th, not quite a week ago :rofl:

Ah yeah, that should be fine. There were some issue with the standalone exporter, but I think that versions already has the fix for it :+1:

Great, I still have my download from that evening. I’ll re-update and try to give the proposed new workflow a fair shot before complaining too much :innocent: