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Can I create this in Cabbage?

Hey noob here…just getting my feet wet with cabbage…back last year I created a Loop based Kontakt sample library…want to get away from Kontakt and want know If I can build something like this in cabbage? (Start at about 25 sec into the video to get the gist of it)

Attached is my GUI I built in Kontakt…so basically can I build this in cabbage as my own plug-in?

Hi @Gospel_Producers, welcome to the forum!

That looks like a nice app you created with Kontakt. I think you could create something like this with Cabbage. The first thing I would do if I was you, would be to investigate what way you want to trigger the playback of the samples. There are some disk reading opcodes in Csound which might help. For example, see diskin2. This gives you access to the playback rate although it will change the pitch of the sample. You can also look at the mincer opcode which lets you do independent timescale in and pitch manipulation.

If you have not used Csound before it might take some time to get set up and running with it, but I think you’ll definitely find more freedom foe expression with Cabbage then you do with Kontakt. Let us know how you get on.

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Yea pitch doesn’t need to change…but there will be different loops on each key so…but I’d need to have the pitch stay the same as the bpm changes…I would want the samples to be triggered by playing and holding down the notes on the keyboard…also would need to stop when keys are let go…also I’ve seen some awesome things with filmstrips and knob man even played with the examples in cabbage…would it be possible to to build a GUI similar to the one that I have in Kontakt or better?

Then you should use the mincer opcode. Check out the examples in the manual and if you have any problems post some code here. I can’t really write much code at the moment because I chopped off my hand two weeks ago, but the voice to text function works pretty good so I can discuss and help you that way.

This is a piece of cake for Cabbage, easy straight out of the box.

No problem building a complex UI with cabbage as long as you’re happy to prepare good assets. These plugins are a great example of what can be done in this way:

p.s. Packaging the samples might be an issue, currently there is no way to encrypt them or prevent users from opening up the bundle and accessing the samples directly. Cabbage doesn’t have a proprietary sample format. This might be a problem for you?

You chopped off your hand!!?? :flushed::flushed: hopefully you’re “pulling my leg” on that one…

But yea the samples not being encrypted isn’t an issue…they aren’t encrypted now with the Kontakt instrument…I just want to get off the Kontakt platform and have my own VST/AU plugins…thanks for your prompt responses! Going to start the deep dive into cabbage and start learning all of this and watching all your videos!

No leg pulling in here :frowning: the surgeons reattached it so technically I still have a left hand but it might be never as useful as it once was. That’s okay, I’m just happy to have a left hand :+1:

Yikes!!! Definitely glad for that and praying for a good recovery and that you get back as much functionality as possible!

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