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Can I use Cabbage to create a prepared digital piano instrument?

Hi, before I learn Cabbage/Csound I’d like someone to please let me know if it can do the task I’m trying to complete - creating a prepared piano (something like this, but more complex:

I want to compile a VSTi that will take MIDI input, render some of the notes as a piano (via a soundfont, or general system midi), use others as triggers for effects, route the rendered piano sound through effects that are turned on and off by the triggers using complex logic (including delay, reverse, distortion, and altering the instrument timbre (mix) based on piano keys pressed).

Can Cabbage do such a thing? The alternative would be PureData wrapped in Camomile, or a bunch of Javascript frameworks in a webpage I guess.

Anything is possible with Csound. You might take some inspiration from Iain McCurdy’s prepared piano instrument that ships with Cabbage :wink:

You’ll find it in File->Examples->Instruments->Physical Modeling -> Prepared Piano

Excellent, thank you! I’ll get started at once then.