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Can't get any sliders to initialise with non-zero values

Hi all, hopefully this isn’t a stupid question

New to Csound and Cabbage and was poking around with some tutorials when I noticed that my sliders weren’t initialising correctly. I loaded up one of the examples to see what would happen and the same issue occurs, the values appear correct for a split second before dissapearing.


I’ve reinstalled twice (on different drives) and get the same issue, is there a setting or flag i’m missing? Apologies again if this is a noob mistake or is in the help topics already.

Not a stupid question at all! Can you verify the audio settings are set correctly? If you don’t have a valid audio device set the sliders won’t initialize to their correct state.

Hi, thanks for the help!

I had a look at the device settings and managed to make it work by switching to ASIO with a 44.1kHz sample rate, any higher and I get the same issue but at least it works, cheers!

What version of Cabbage are you using? I swear I’ve already fixed this issue a hundred times :scream: It keep coming back to haunt me :joy:

Haha, sorry to be the bearer of bad news! :joy:

Using v2.1.05b, I just grabbed the latest branch from the download page

I won’t take it personally! Man, I was sure I finally had that one fixed :joy: