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Can't open .csds inside VSTs

Cabbage version: 2.3.0
OS: macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

I’m unable to open a .csd in an exported VST. If I select the VST with Cabbage’s “Open Csound File” file picker, I get an empty new tab. (I can’t directly select the .csd with the file picker since macOS doesn’t provide an option to open bundles in the picker.) If I open the bundle manually in Finder and right-click on the .csd to open it with Cabbage, Finder switches back to Cabbage but nothing opens.

The only way right now is to navigate to the VST in Cabbage’s own file browser.

I’m not sure this is a bug. Can’t you simply open the bundle, then right-click the csd file and “open with” Cabbage? I think some of the first versions of Cabbage allowed users to open csd file that were contained within a bundle, but it hasn’t been that way for some time.

As mentioned in my previous post, if I do that it switches to Cabbage but doesn’t actually open the file.

Thanks Alex. My problem was I just happened to test with a .csd file that had the same name as the file contained within the .vst :roll_eyes: I see the issue now. I’ll get on it.

This is fixed now. New version available here shortly.

Confirmed, thanks.