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Capturing Speaker Output From Device and Altering It

Is it possible to process live audio output from your computer and alter it in real time using csound? Like if I want every YouTube video I watch on the device to be pitch shifted?

I think you will need some kind of loopback drivers installed. On Linux you can probably do it with Jack? I’m not sure about Windows or MacOS.

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In Audacity on Windows, I can record speaker output if I select Windows WASAPI (instead of MME) and I can select my laptop’s loopback driver. Is there a way I interface with that driver in csound/cabbage?

Actually, I managed to configure it in the ASIO settings, but when setting the input to Speakers I get a crazy feedback noise.

Yeah, I’m not really sure how this might be done with Cabbage. Let me know if you figure it out :+1: