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Change GUI colours


the text labels on the GUI of some examples have light colors, therefore difficult to read. For example like here (from Examples->Effects->Modulation->Doppler):
[Cabbage 2.8.162 on Linux]

How can I darken the colors of the writing in these windows? Black would be fine.
I’ve tried changing RGB-values in the file, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

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I think you could try to add a textColour parameter and see if it fixes your issue:

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I tried adding it to the first two, and it works:


Thank you,

I recently saw a very elegant solution by @iainmccurdy to do this in the same style for all sliders. Put a line like

#define DIAL_PROPERTIES  colour("Pink"), trackerColour("silver"), fontColour("White"), textColour("White"), valueTextBox(1)

at the beginning of the <Cabbage> section and then use DIAL_PROPERTIES in all slider definitions like this

rslider  bounds( 80, 25, 60,90), channel("Num"), range(1,128,50,1,1), text("NUMBER"), $DIAL_PROPERTIES

I hope that saves you some work, especially when you want to change the color scheme later.