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Change label text dynamically via OSC

I would like to change the text of a label when I receive an OSC string. Is that possible?
Or maybe via SVG attributes? I always wanted to ask: is writing and reading SVG attributes supported?


You can just use Csound to send a new text string to the label using an identchannel() identifier. No need for fancy SVG-ness.

Ah great! But you somehow avoided my question about SVG attributes. That would open a whole multiversum of possibilities, like dynamic ADSR curves etc (or maybe that can be done already?)

This works fine ( I had to escape the quotes of course):

SIdentifier sprintfk “text(”%s")", gS
chnset SIdentifier, “pot0id”

You could manipulate an SVG files text and then have Cabbage update the SVG fie in realtime, but I’m not sure how effective it might? Worth trying it I guess.