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Checkboxes inside groupbox react the same

I have 2 checkboxes inside a groupbox. When I click one, the other one shows the same reaction…

form caption("Midi2Midi") size(400, 300), colour(58, 110, 182), pluginid("defm") groupbox bounds(8, 8, 380, 177), text("midi2midi: connect to Pyo synth"), colour(80,80,80) label bounds(50, 38, 140, 18), align("left"), colour(20, 20, 20), text("send OSC data to:") checkbox bounds(20, 38, 20, 20) identchannel("OSCout") label bounds(50, 68, 140, 18), align("left"), colour(20, 20, 20), text("send to midiout") checkbox bounds(20, 68, 20, 20) identchannel("midiOut")

Hard to read that code. Would you mind formatting any code examples? Thanks. I think in this case it’s because they both share the same (default) channel name. Give each one a unique channel and they should be behave as you would expect.

That was it, I was using identchannel i.s.o. channel. BTW, can the font size of a label be changed?

Just change the size of the label, this will cause the font to increase in size…

Ok, BTW2: Can I give the Text Editor widget an initial value?
Found it…