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Comboboxes default to blank

In the latest beta builds of cabbage there is an issue where comboboxes default to having no value. This cannot be fixed by setting the value manually with the value identifier. The issue does not exist in the Cabbage 2.7 release, but was introduced in a beta release.

The csd I am using is using legacy channel methods of communication between csound and the GUI, but I would not think that would create this issue.

I just tested the combobox example in the Widgets folder and it works as expected? Here is it. I’m setting the value to 2, but even without that it loads the default choice.

ComboTest.csd (2.1 KB)

The example is working on my end as well. I am unsure why things broke on my plugins. I have included a plugin I have been working on.

spectralDelay.csd (82.7 KB)

Actually, I think it has to do with using the old gui mode- I turned it off on the example and encountered the same issue.

Yes, I see that now. That shouldn’t be the case of course. I’ll take a look when I get a moment. :+1:

Hi @Chris_Poovey. I’ve pushed a ‘fix’ now and triggered a new build in Azure. To be honest though, I’m not sure my ‘fix’ won’t break another part of that system. Can you test it and let me know?

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It seems to work based on some cursory testing. Selections are taking and presets seem to work as expected!

I’d say proceed with caution! If anything looks off let me know :+1: