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Computer Keyboard MIDI input

Does this exist already? Or perhaps it can be implemented? Would help greatly when coding on the go… the keyboard widget is not as dynamic as typing a few notes in. maybe there can be a button and a keyboard shortcut to toggle it on/off!

Oh I got it — maybe there can be an invisible widget that captures key strokes when the plugin window is in the foreground?

Most hosts will simply rob the keystrokes. A better idea is to bring up the host virtual MIDI keyboard and use that. If you are working in the Cabbage IDE you can play two octaves with the computer keyboard. it’s not great, but improving it would be a LOT of work. See this recent thread.

Im actually referring to only doing this in the IDE - during plug-in development.

Ok I didn’t know you could play 2 octaves. That’s exactly what we was looking for.

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