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Console and GUI Problems

Hi, my console has disappeared from Cabbage and I can’t get it back. I uninstalled and reinstalled like was said on a different thread and there’s no luck with it coming back. I’m assuming its something simple I’m missing but can’t figure it out.

Also my widget’s are acting up. I ran the examples and an example I was given on using loops to space out widget arrays but my GUI isn’t showing up and I ran the same code on a friend’s cabbage and it’s working fine on his but not mine.

I’m running the latest version’s of cSsound and Cabbage (I just reinstalled them) and High Sierra 10.13.6. I’m hoping it’s just a simple problem that I’m just missing and was hoping someone would set me straight.


Hey @NOC, can you try this one. I’m not sure which version you are using but this one has a ‘view Cabbage console’ menu which should get your console back. Shout out if you still have problems with your widgets after installing this version.

Hi Rory,

Thanks a million for that. The console is back working perfectly but there’s no change to the widget’s. I attached a picture of what’s happening incase that helps at all. I’ve no idea what it could be because I ran it on a different laptop and it worked fine. May just be a bug with my laptop or something.

You probably need to select a valid sound card. Go to audio settings and check there. If a valid card isn’t selected, then Csound doesn’t perform, and if Csound doesn’t perform, those channel messages never get sent to Cabbage hence nothing will update.

Let me know if that’s the problem.

That worked, I know it would be something simple, didn’t realise it would be that simple. Thanks a million, you’re an absolute gent :grin:

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Great. I should add a warning dialogue about this. :thinking:


@rorywalsh any update on this? Have the same problem here :(((

There is a ‘View Output console’ menu command that you can use to show the console. If you don’t have this menu command it’s because you’re using an older version of Cabbage. I plan to release a new official version today, so you can try that once it’s available…

@rorywalsh cool thanks man!

I’m just waiting to finish one little thing before I release it. It’s a never ending process :joy:

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