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Constant low note when triggering grain3 opcode through MIDI


I’m building a granular synthesizer in Cabbage but regardless of the MIDI input there’s alway a very low note sounding. It’s more noticeable with the pitch variation knob up.

I’m currently using the grain3 opcode but I’m also including a barebones test file where I tried a few other grain opcodes and the results are the same, so it seems I might be forgetting something here.

How can I make it so it responds to only to the MIDI input and doesn’t generate any frequencies by itself?

Thanks in advance!

grain midi test.csd (966 Bytes) Granulera_v0.3.csd (13.2 KB)

You’re starting instrument 1 from the score. And you are also starting it with MIDI notes. I would remove the score statement and just have f0 z. This will tell Csound to stay awake and listen for MIDI events.

Of course! Completely missed that, thanks!

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